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Remember in the 70's when a kid in California named Scot Breithaupt with a "Vision" invented the organized sport of Bicycle Motocross? This site is dedicated to one particular part of that sport, the Cruiser. Not what most think of today as THE Cruiser. Before the 24" was invented. The Original Cruiser. In the late 70's and through 82' THE CRUISER CLASS WAS 26" BMX Bikes. 26BMX.com is dedicated to Reviving the Forgotten Cruiser Class! 26" Old School / Vintage & Retro! From DG to SE, Cook Bros., GT, MCS, Prodyne, Mongoose Kos, Laguna, Powerlite, Torker to today's Firemans Texas Cruzer and everything Twenty-Six! 26" Racing and Collecting - Yesterday and TODAY! Scot went on to form SE Racing one of the most successful BMX companys ever and produce the OM Flyer one of the most well known 26" BMX bikes Ever Made! There is the place for 26" BMX History! Come on in, put your feet up and Enjoy!

The History or "Roots of BMX" as a competitive sport with examples of the innovation in bicycle technology from the ground floor to it's Old School heyday in 1985. This is a piece of the bicycle legacy for all younger riders and seasoned vet's alike. 26" BMX bicycles enjoyed a very short spotlight in the late 70's and early 80's. BMX itself was the catalyst and very foundation for many other sports disciplines such as; Freestyle, Dirt Jumping, Ramp/Pool, Skatepark, etc. which is well known. Even though 26"BMX Cruisers were by and large replaced with slightly more nimble 24" BMX Cruiser variant by 84' more suitable to smaller rider and the growing technical complexity of BMX tracks, the 26" is still a major piece of BMX and Bicycle History. 26" BMX Cruisers along with California Fireroad are a piece of the foundation of what evolved into what was to become the sport of Mountain Biking and all it's variations such as Downhill, Dual Slalom, North Shore and Urban Freeride and most recently Mountain Cross or 4X (four cross - 4 man gate on DH type mountain bikes over a BMX type course). Both initially catered to the older taller rider. The 26" BMX Cruiser was initially popular with the "BMX Dad's". Both 26" BMX Cruisers and California Fireroad were evolved from cantilever or 3bar type beach cruiser frames. The 26" BMX was to stay single speed and the California Fireroad adapted to a multispeed variation. 26" BMX is enjoying a revolution today in the Bicycle Motocross Sport with manufacturers stepping up with New School Cutting Edge Technology as well as Retro Old School Designs with todays rider and track in mind! Riders are making there presence known by riding only 26"ers in the Cruiser class and starting a "Grass Root's" movement for the ABA (American Bicycle Association) North America's Largest BMX Racing sanctioning body to have 26" BMX recognized as it's own class.

The term "OM" to me stands for the BMX class that alot of the kid's dad's(even a few brave mom's) and adult racers participated in that made it a "true" family sport in the 80's. "OM" was also the "over thirty" BMX Cruiser and "tounge in cheek" reffered to as the "Old Man" class. All of which are references to Scot "The OM" Breithaupt.

The First ABA Pro Cruiser Class at a National was near as I have been able to find is Monroe, Washington in 1981. Previous to that it was an amateur class, open class if I remember correct and did not receive ABA Points. 1979 is when the first BMX specific 26" BMX Cruisers hit the scene like the OM Flyer and DG Vulcan.

This event is a tribute to that class and also "The OM" himself Scot "OM" Breithaupt who many refer to as BMX's founding father for the fact he is credited as the first to have organized BMX races at the famed B.U.M.S track in California in the early 70's. I forget the story how he got the name "OM" but I believe it was Rick Twomey of the Infamous Rcks Bike Shop that first gave him the moniker, when the rough boys of Ricks Bike Shop Team fist visited B.U.M.S. Scot used trophys he had won racing motorcross at B.U.M.S. Scot won the first Yamaha Gold Cup BMX Event in 1975 and later went on to form the now Legendary SE Racing BMX Innovations. SE stood for Scot Enterprises and they were truly innovators of the sport. I remember seeing the OM "pilot" a SE Racing 26" Cruiser sporting the name "OM Flyer" over the huge "tabletop" jump next to Harry Leary in the Amarillo, TX Rodeo Arena in 1980-81' at the Redline Texas Challenge Nationals Race with style and speed that left a lasting impression. I said to myself "one day I will have one of those OM Flyers and I still will be riding like Scot in the OM Class"! SE made other bikes that were Legendary such as the household name 20" "PK Ripper", proably the most famous BMX bike ever made, and the 20" Quadangle and not to forget the 24" "Floval Flyer" Cruisers. Scot was also active in the early sport of Downhill and Distance jumping and his weapon of choice was, you guessed it, his trusty steed the "OM Flyer". A rare fact some of the late 79'-82' 26" special projects that SE Racing and Scot at the helm came up with was dubbed the "Enduro". The Enduro in various prototypes sported some of the very first Campagnolo and Shimano braze-on cable hangers on BMX bikes and other modifications for equipping a 26" BMX frameset with multi-speeds, canitlever brakes and even water bottle mounts! The OM Flyer is the best selling 26" cruiser of all time and a representation of this classic is made to this day SE Bikes owned by Fuji Bicycles.

In the late 70's Bob "The OZ" Osbourne created Bicycle Motocross Action Magazine. "The" BMX Magazine of the Old School. "OZ" is more active with Harley Davidson Motorcycles these days and enjoying life to it's fullest. His son RL some folks best remember as a Freestyle Pioneer along with Bob Haro, Mike Buff and later Mat Hoffman. I remember RL best for a series in BMXA called "The Pikes Peak Challenge" where 26" BMX'ers were suited up with gears and ridden down Pikes Peak. I have not seen that magazine in over 20 years but it left a indelible image. If you have a copy PLEASE let me know!!! This is where the convergence back with the Fireroad bike and I feel the sports started coming back together and are responsible for todays Mountain Bike.

Today most people associate BMX as an Extreme Sport with the latter Freestyle type riding. In fact if you ask most people on the street or in a grovery store "what BMX is?" the most common answer is, "where kids ride bikes on ramps and pools". BMX is currently enjoying a Huge Resurgence! It will be in the Summer Olympics for the first time in Beijing Chine in 2008. If you have not seen the track it is HELLA Unreal!

More SE Racing "OM Flyers" were shipped to Austin, TX and San Francisco, CA per Mike Devitt formerly of SE. He added that bike messenger in San Francisco liked them becuase they could use them for work all day and then have fun on them after hours. Austin is known as the "Live Music Capitol of the World". With our the hills as picturesque backdrop and perfect bicycle training ground it's no wonder why cruisers are so popular here. We Austin,Texas is by many accounts the Cruiser Capitol of the World!

After coming out to some of our shows people will take a second look at their mountain bike design and see the geometry reminescint of the "Old School" 26"ers and after watching the races will most likely take a fresh approach to those local trails ;) I am sure that we will see a few die hard mountain bikers, single speed riders etc. come give it a go, as well as a few that have never raced before. 2005 26" Classic saw riders of mixed disciplines, BMX, BMX turned Mountain Biker and Solid Mountain Bike backgrounds competing in pulse pounding 26" BMX Main Event. Eight riders in each class run three rounds or Moto's each as qualifyers and they take first riders from each of the three rounds to the Main Event. You can see the 2005 26" BMX Classic's - (Finale) Main Event and get more info on www.26BMX.com under streaming video section(2006 26" Classic online Now!). Races were held most every Wednesday Evening and Sunday Afternoon "weather permitting" and practice Saturday afternoons, and hopefully when Austin get's another track they will again.

(Update: The track closed April 2006 - God Bless CCBMX, Rick Graves and Everyone who Ever Rode There! ) We have whole family's; Mother, Dad, and Daughters of all ages (even Grandmothers - my Grandmother Ruth Edwards worked the concesions Audrey McAndless her best friend in the late 80's) make a true quality family day at the track! Capitol City BMX track off 620 in Round Rock track is owned and operated by Rick Graves and is an Austin Area Tradition since 1979. CCBMX is my home track and this event is not just for 26" Cruisers or "OM"'s. There will be 16" Pitbike, 20", 24" and 26" BMX classes in all age groups. Heck bring your mountain bike! Riders of all ages, and I mean all, if you can ride a bike you will find a strong turnout in "your" age group! There are what is called "Cookie Monsters" races where son's and daughters are introduced to the sport of BMX on the track being coached/steadied/semi-propelled by their parents with training wheels (even occasional "Big Wheels") ages 3-4+. One of our newest regulars is 58 years young and Girls are strongly represented and make their presence known! Novice through Expert Classes all the way to the Pro Big Money Races!

I tell everyone to get a cruiser and ride! Down the street, Down the Trail or Down the Track! Challenge a friend with one of these little known bicycle trivia facts and Look for BMX in the Next Olympic Games...

Everyone knows the name, come meet some of the Founders, Legends, Racing Icons, Old School Rides and Equipment, see the Heart Pounding Excitement of Pro Racing and Learn how BMX got it's Start!

Better yet, wear some long pants and long sleeve shirt, bring or borrow a helmet and bike; or even buy one from one of our many sponsors at the Next 26" BMX Classic Event!!!

"Riders Ready... Watch the Light's"


All Contents of this Website, Material and Pictures etc. are ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Copyright 2007 26BMX.com & Cliff Edwards No Duplication Allowed.